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Ajman free zone and offshore in Dubai UAE

Ajman is one of the most rapidly developing emirates. It is very advantageously stretched along the Persian shore for 16 km. The emirate itself boasts beautiful nature. Another important characteristic is it’s the convenient connection to Ajman Dubai, located in just a 27-minute drive away from it. This is the main reason why those who run their businesses in Dubai choose Ajman. All this contributes to Ajman’s rapid growth, attracts investment, and fuels its industrial sector.

Fulfilling Economic Substance in UAE Freezones

Fulfilling Economic Substance in UAE Freezones pic 1

Free Zone (FEZ) - geographically separated area of the state, which is different from the rest of the state tax laws and has specific conditions for the local and foreign businesses.

What is the purpose of creating free zones? FZ entails financial income from foreign investors, increases the number of working places, increases volume of trade turnover and production; in general it increases development of the state and of its specific sectors of economy.

Seychelles company ownership register


Following Reuters's publication of the article "Seychelles to set up company ownership registry in transparency drive" we would like to bring your attention to the response of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority which gives comments on the current situation:

Seychelles Zero Rates Sea Freight Services

The Seychelles Revenue Commission has announced that a zero rate of value-added tax now applies to the transportation of cargo by sea to inner islands.

The final price charged to consumers will therefore not include VAT, but suppliers will be entitled to input tax credits.

The SRC said businesses falling under this category are still required to lodge their VAT returns to declare the zero rated value of their services and to claim input tax credits.


Seychelles Becomes 161st Member Of WTO

Seychelles became the 161st member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the 26th of April 2015.

Welcoming Seychelles' membership, Director-General Roberto Azevêdo, said: "I am delighted to welcome the Republic of Seychelles as the 161st member of the WTO. This is great news for Seychelles' economy and, therefore, for the people of Seychelles. It is also a boost for the WTO and a vote of confidence in the Organization, as we redouble our efforts to complete the Doha Round of negotiations."

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